Heritage project website launched

The 13th century tunnel under Silk Mill Barn, Darshill

After three years of hard work by more than thirty volunteers since we gained Heritage Lottery approval in 2018, we are nearing completion of our project.

The website has been extended substantially to include the results of our labours and makes impressive reading. Here you will find the story of the houses, mills and public buildings of Darshill, Ham and Bowlish and the families that made the three hamlets what they are today, as well as the results of the biodiversity surveys of the area. We hope you find much to enjoy and marvel at!

There are a few remaining loose-ends to tidy up and some updating to be incorporated following the release of the 1921 census shortly, but projects such as this never really end. Rather, they become the stepping stones for future generations of enquiring minds, and long may that be so.

Cryptachaea blattea spider – discovered here and never previously recorded in Somerset

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