Outreach at St.Paul’s school

Just in case you missed the front page article in this week’s Shepton Mallet Journal…

Students from Year 3 at St Paul’s school with ‘Farmer Alan’ and ‘Mistress Jane’

Our adventure day at St. Paul’s centred on the way the power of the River Sheppey was used over the centuries and in particular for woollen and silk cloth making.

Linking in with Key Stage geography, the event involved many local volunteers and teachers from the school as we gave the children hands-on experience of dyeing, weaving, fulling and the power of falling water, as well as some idea of how the various processes worked together.

We are planning two further school events and are keen to work with others on similar adventure days linked to the river, cloth-making, the Victorian industrial revolution or local history. Please get in touch if this is of interest…

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