Darshill Lower Silk Mill complex

The complex today from the A371. The mill buildings are centre and right and the river runs right to left between the two walls. The Mill Master’s House is hidden behind

Dating from at least the mid-18th century, the Lower Silk Mill was likely used used to manufacture woollen cloth before being converted to silk clothmaking in the 19th century and then to apple juice manufacture in the late 19th/early 20th centuries.

The main mill building was ‘L’ shaped and had a mill floor at ground level and two further stories of which only one remains. The mill wheel was likely located at the southern end of the main building. There are several blocked openings but apart from window and door surrounds, other features have been lost.

Courtyard at mill looking south-east in 1998. A terrace of modern houses was built to form a ‘U’ opposite the sliding double-doors

The mill master’s house stands to the east of the main building and was originally connected to it via an arch, now blocked. All of its internal features have been lost and a number of external windows on the south wall have been blocked.

Mill Master’s House in 1998

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  1. Hi Ian – isn’t this where the Anglo Cider Mills made cider. It was owned by Freddie Bennett who moved cider production there from the Anglo when that was requisitioned by the military at the beginning of the Second . World War – I have seen reference to Anglo apple juice but assumed it was part of the cider operation

      1. Yes it was in Darshill from about 1940 to the 1950s – not the 1890’s as your article suggested . I have some photos of the week nteriot and copies of their advertisments

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