Old Manor, Ham Lane – part 1

The Old Manor on the junction of Ham Lane and Back Lane has long been something of an enigma. In part, this is due to the very fine pedestrian entrance and mounting steps (for horses) on Back Lane not being easily matched with today’s residential property. Local folklore has it that the main property burnt down and was demolished in the 1920’s leaving the building visible today which was subsequently converted into a dwelling and extended over the years.

A deed from 1905 confirms much of this as it specifies and shows a ‘dwellinghouse’ and ‘outbuilding’ on the site and that the property owned the ‘garden’ and ‘orchard’ opposite. It was the dwellinghouse which was demolished and, presumably, the its status was such that the pedestrian entrance and steps were in keeping. What happened to the fine features of the house (e.g. window and door surrounds) remains to be uncovered.

Old Manor estate 1905



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